Being trailblazer of the polyester button market in India, we are the leading manufacturer of buttons across the nation. We prioritize supplying the quality-driven product to our prestigious clientele including wholesalers and garment manufacturers from different states. Dealing from North to South, we have three divisions namely a Head Office in Maharashtra, and two branch offices in Gujarat and New Delhi.

The primary reason why polyester is a predominant material among other kinds of button materials is this – inexpensive, looks great, and can even mimic other button materials! Which means, you are always guaranteed to get what you love without paying a fortune. Polyester buttons can be made to look like wood, pearl, or any other type of button, thanks to their versatility and the fact that they come in so many designs and colors. Polyester buttons offer so many options that it is all but impossible not to find something you love when you choose buttons made of this material.

For laymen, therefore, it is virtually impossible to look at a button and determine whether it is made of polyester, wood, or any other type of button-making material. Most polyester buttons vary greatly when it comes to shading, luster, and brightness, so they can be light or dark, formal or casual, large or small, meaning you are always guaranteed to get something spectacular in the end.

In essence, all the above-mentioned unique qualities make polyester a widely popular material from different aspects (primarily profitability) to be manufactured and supplied by most industry leaders.